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Searching and seeking, I have come to understnad the essence of reality; the slave of the Lord of the Universe is dedicated to Him.

Ethics Policy

  • The journal subscribes to the standards of expected ethical behaviour.
  • It must be ensured by the authors that the research articles submitted by them are entirely their original works. The work/or words of others used by the authors should be appropriately cited or quoted.
  • In cases of proven scientific misconduct, plagiarism, or fraudulent publication, the appropriate action will be taken.
  • The journal may ask the authors to provide the raw data in connection with a paper for editorial review.
  • An author should not in general publish manuscripts describing essentially the same research in more than one journal.
  • Proper acknowledgment of sources
  • Statements of compliance are required if the work involves chemicals, procedures or equipment that have any unusual hazards inherent in their use, or if it involves the use of animal etc.
  • The editors will not disclose information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers or potential reviewers, or other members of the editorial board.
  • Manuscripts received for review will be treated as confidential documents and not shown or discussed with other without authorization from the editors.
  • If an author discovers a significant error in the published work, the author is obligated to inform the journal editor in order to either correct or retract the paper.