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Peer Review Process


  • The double blind peer review process has been adopted where both reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the review process.
  • The research articles are selected through highest quality peer review. The entire peer review and publication process is thorough, objective and fair.
  • An initial review of each article submitted for publication is done by an editor.
  • The article is sent to the reviewer if it meets with a minimum standard. It is ensured that the reviewer does not know about the identity of the author.
  • The comments of the reviewer are sent to the author after making them anonymous to ensure that the author also does not know about the identity of the reviewer.
  • The Editorial Board makes a decision on the acceptability of the manuscript based on the reviewers' comments and communicates to the authors the decision, along with referees' reports.
  • If significant revisions are proposed, the author is asked to resubmit the paper after incorporating the revisions.
  • The paper is again sent to the reviewer for his comments. The final decision on the acceptance is dependent on whether the author has incorporated the suggested revisions satisfactorily and the final comments of the reviewer.
  • The journal strongly discourages the act of plagiarism. The author is blacklisted if found guilty of plagiarism or Self-Plagiarism.
  • The Journal follows the COPE guidelines for Retraction of articles: It Can be found at following link: